An official website of the United States government.

E-Enterprise for the Environment

The E-Enterprise Portal is a user-friendly web platform streamlining how the public, the regulated community, and environmental co-regulators conduct environmental transactions and access web resources.

E-Enterprise for the Environment

E-Enterprise is governed by three overarching goals:

  1. Improving environmental protection by enhancing program performance, streamlining and modernizing environmental programs, and deploying advanced technologies.
  2. Enhancing services to stakeholders by reducing transaction costs and burdens and improving the transparency of environmental conditions and performance.
  3. Operating as a transformative model of shared governance, in which the partnering environmental agencies jointly identify priorities, define and solve problems, and implement and improve regulatory programs.? EPA, states, and tribes share common goals aimed at protecting the environment.

We also share the authority to implement environmental protection programs, making collaboration among all partners essential to meeting our common goals.

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